• Art tattoo

    Art tattoo

    Tattoo is one of the oldest arts. It has accompanied humans across the centuries, and it has not lost its significance till today, and now has become modern and contemporary art. Huge energy force, storing the most ancient archetypes, combined with the canons of classical painting and the latest technological developments create a truly unique and one of a kind art – art tattoo.

  • Cover-up of substandard works

    Cover-up of substandard works

    Until the early 90s, technical development of the tattoo industry had unfortunately bypassed our country. The real history of Russian tattoos has begun only with the fall of the Iron Curtain. Before that, artists were very limited in tools; and, needless to say, there were no professional tattoo parlors – the tattoos were made unprofessionally, essentially using expedients. Naturally, it affected the quality of tattoos. Such conditions created a significant barrier for perceiving tattoos as a complex, high-quality and expensive process. Many people still do not understand why one should get a professional tattoo, if a friend-tattooer can make it just as well as a professional artist does and even cheaper. We still obtain the results of this misunderstanding. Usually we meet clients of such cheap tattoers at cover-up sessions. Their essence is to cover an old tattoo with a new one completely hiding an old image.

  • Tattoo removal

    Tattoo removal

    For those, who want to have a tattoo removed completely, we offer a laser color correction. Modern technology has left substandard tattoo removal far behind. You can forget about scars and other fears associated with this procedure. Removal procedure is fairly long, yet effective. To date, laser color correction is the only adequate and effective way of tattoo removal.
  • Permanent makeup

    Permanent makeup

    Every day the average girl spends 30 minutes on make-up. Surely, she could spend that time on something more pleasant, couldn’t she? In our studio you can raise your beauty to the ideal! From now you will be doing makeup purely for pleasure and only if you want it! Our specialists will help you choose a makeup that is most appropriate to your specific facial features, putting emphasis on the beauty and hiding drawbacks.
  • Gift Certificates

    Gift Certificates

    What could be a better gift than the one that will last for a lifetime? Forget the banality, gift tattoos! Always available in each our studio.