On Gagarinskaya

  • 94, Krasny Prospect
  • Open daily from 10.00 to 22.00

The studio "On Gagarinskaya" is the most spacious studio of our chain. Five tattoo artists, a permanent makeup master and a huge aquarium with fish comfortably take up the residence with three rooms and a spacious common hall.

The studio is located within walking distance from the metro station "Gagarinskaya" and the bus station "Kropotkin".

Vasily "Stroybatych", Alexander "Pesok", Irina Zaitseva, Vadim Simonenko, Marina Vorozheykina, a permanent makeup master, and Stanislav Merker, а young master of art tattoo and laser color correction work "On Gagarinskaya".


You can follow the life of the studio in this group.

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